Sarah Stock

Cllr Sarah Stock

Chairman, Local Planning & Conservation, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Communications & Website, Harlestone Hound Newsletter

Sarah is Chairman of the council, and her role is primarily to manage the meetings and sign off on a few of the admin functions. The Chairman has no more authority or say than any other councillor. Sarah’s councillor duties include briefing the council on planning applications, keeping up-to-date on conservation area issues and preparing an update for the white newsletter. Sarah is also on the Neighbourhood Plan steering group.


Rupert Knowles

Cllr Rupert Knowles

Rupert is all things environmental. He advises the council on how we can be greener and reduce our carbon footprint (Rupert has led the way by organising HOP ’22 our 2022 Climate Change Exhibition). He reviews any tree-related planning application and provides support to the Wildbunch as and when they need him.


Mark Jones

Cllr Mark Jones

Mark is relatively new to the council and has single handedly overseen the production of this website! The play equipment in the playing field is badly in need of some TLC and Mark is involved with making an assessment and plan so that the council can decide what action to take.


Toni Perryman

Cllr Toni Perryman

Playing Field Sub-Committee Chairman, Speed Watch, Road Safety, Police Volunteer on Horseback

Toni is Chairman of the Playing Field Association Committee, working alongside representatives of Harlestone Cricket Club and the two football clubs that use the playing field. She promotes and organises the Community Speed Watch (a joint venture with Harlestone Manor Parish Council). You will see Toni around the village and in Harlestone Firs in her capacity as Horse Rider on Patrol, which is a scheme supported by Northamptonshire Police.


Sue Flynn

Cllr Sue Flynn

Single Point of Contact for PCSO

Sue is our PCSO liaison or SPOC (Single Point of Contact) and PLR (Police Liaison Role). She meets with Paul Miller, our sponsored PCSO, to share information about crime in the area. Sue is Quarry liaison officer, attending bi-annual meetings to promote a good relationship between the village and the quarry operator. She a trustee of the Harlestone Charities.


Susie Holland

Cllr Susie Holland

Local Business & Annual Village Meeting Coordinator

Susie is in charge of the annual parish meeting. She is the liaison between the council and the various businesses in the parish, such as the pub, garden centre and wood yard. Susie is also organising the new village signs, which we hope will be installed soon.


Parish Clerk

Paul Thomas

Executive Officer and Responsible Financial Officer

Paul is the only employee of the council! He is the Executive Officer and Responsible Financial Officer, dealing with all the council’s administrative and financial responsibilities, overseeing contracted works, ensuring the council operates legally and also provides a maintenance service.