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February 2024

In July 2017, Harlestone’s conservation area was extended to cover much of Lower and Upper Harlestone. This means that the villages were considered special enough to be worthy of additional protection and restricted development rights.

There are no permitted development rights for property in the conservation area — regardless of listed building status. This does not mean that you won’t be granted planning permission, just that you need to obtain permission from the Local Planning Authority (LPA) before undertaking work to your home. This includes small extensions, changing windows, replacing doors or adding roof lights and chimneys. Even like-for-like changes, some maintenance work, garden structures and changes to fences need permission. If you are thinking of making a change to the exterior of your property, you should consult the Harlestone Conservation Area Management Plan (and associated Article 4 directive) and the Harlestone Neighbourhood Development Plan (Policy H1, Design Principles), both of which can be found on this website.

West Northants Council offer, for a relatively small fee, pre-application advice, and it may be worth using this service if you are considering any development. West Northants Council, as the LPA, makes the final decision on planning applications. Harlestone Parish Council is a statutory consultee and will support development that accords with the Harlestone Conservation Area Management Plan and the Harlestone Neighbourhood Development Plan.

These policies are in place to sustain and enhance the special character of the parish.

Please refer to the West Northants Council’s designated heritage assets webpage for additional information.